Career Opportunities at FuGENE Transfection


FuGENE Transfection (Fugent LLC.) is a biotechnology and life science reagent company focused on the discovery, development, and manufacturing of innovative technologies in gene delivery and transfection.  The company is located on the outskirts of Madison Wisconsin, a bustling world-wide hub for biotechnology and research.  FuGENE is actively looking to recruit top-talent and has positions open in the following areas.  These positions offer generous benefits, highly competitive salaries, and the opportunity for personal and career growth.




Location: Madison, WI     Type: Full Time     Min. Experience: Any


We are seeking an experienced administrator to assist our leadership team with the management of our business operations, including: procurement, accounts receivables, accounts payable, scheduling, accounting, events and travel ,and other tasks as required by management.


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Laboratory Technician/Associate Scientist

Location: Madison, WI     Type: Full Time     Min. Experience: 1-2 years


We are seeking an hard-working and intelligent scientific mind to join our scientific team to aid in the discovery and development of our market leading life science reagents.  This individual will have general laboratory experience in molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, or proteomics disciplines.


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Location: Madison, WI     Type: Part & Full Time


Are you passionate about science or business, as well as making a difference in the world?  We would love to meet you and hear about your talent and skills.  We welcome you to introduce yourself and learn more about possible career paths at FuGENE.


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