FuGENE® 4K Transfection Reagent


See the Unseen®

    • Outperforms Lipofectamine® 3000 in most cell types
    • Most effective broad spectrum DNA transfection reagent
    • Maximum transfection efficiency in adherent cells
    • Robust performance in suspension adapted 293 & CHO cells
    • Improved viral titers and protein production yields.

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Best-In-Class Transfection Reagent Utilizing the Most Advanced Multi-Component Blend


FuGENE® 4K is our newest and most advanced, 100% synthetic, multi-component transfection reagent designed for the delivery of DNA into both challenging and routine mammalian cell lines.  FuGENE® 4K was developed to improve upon our widely published and trusted FuGENE® HD reagent.  Leveraging our gentle and highly efficient proprietary transfection chemistry, FuGENE® 4K  provides efficient and safe entry of DNA into a wide range of cells. This mechanism allows users to obtain higher transfection efficiences than other competitor reagents. Whether it’s for difficult-to-transfect lines such as primary cells, stem cells, or suspension adapted 293 or CHO cells, our quick & easy FuGENE® 4K protocol allows users to obtain superior results and free-up valuable lab time.


Benefits of FuGENE® 4K:


  • Superior transfection efficiencies compared to competitors
  • Increased performance when compared to FuGENE® HD
  • Transfect in serum-free or serum-containing media.
  • Quick and easy protocol with limited optimization steps
  • Transfect difficult-to-transfect mammalian cell lines
  • Improved performance in the most relevant cancer cell lines
  • Improved viral titer and capsid fullness in AAV/LV systems
  • Maximizes protein production in 293 & CHO cells

What some of our customers have said:


“Best CHO Transfection”
“Improved Performance vs. FuGENE HD”
“Less expensive than Lipofectamine®

FuGENE® 4K vs. Lipofectamine® 3000

FuGENE® 4K reagent outperforms Lipofectamine® 3000.  A549, C2C12, HCT116, CHO-K1, HeLa, NIH3T3, LNCaP, PANC1 & SKOV3 cell lines were seeded in 96-well plates according to user guides and subsequently transfected with FuGENE® 4K or Lipofectamine® 3000 (registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific) and a GFP expressing plasmid at the following transfection reagent to DNA ratios (3:1, 4:1 & 5:1). Cells were then analyzed via flow cytometry 48 hours post-transfection to measure % GFP expressing cells and % total cell viability (via propidium iodide dye). The graphs above show the superior performance of FuGENE® 4K vs. Lipofectamine® 3000.


Benefits of FuGENE® 4K vs Lipofectamine® 3000

    • PERFORMANCE: Obtain higher transfection efficiencies with FuGENE® 4K compared to Lipofectamine® 3000.


    • EASE OF USE: FuGENE® 4K is a single reagent kit, while Lipofectamine® requires addition of separate reagent.


    • CELL VIABILITY: FuGENE® 4K has comparable cell viability as Lipofectamine® across most cell lines.
    • FASTER PROTOCOL: FuGENE® 4K forms complex with DNA in as little as 5 minutes, and does not require additional component added to the transfection mix which requires preparation of an additional tube.


    • COST SAVINGS: Less cost per mL of FuGENE® 4K vs. Lipofectamine® 3000. (at smallest available vial sizes)

Quick and Easy Protocol

Key Applications

    • Virus & Protein Production
    • Gene Expression
    • Cellular Analysis
    • Cancer Research
    • Difficult to Transfect Cells
    • Stable Cell Production