Superior RNA delivery with No Toxicity


Our customers requested it and that’s why we’ve leveraged the FuGENE® technology to bring you our newest reagent, FuGENE® SI. FuGENE® SI allows our customers to obtain the highest siRNA knockdown efficiency combined with extremely low cell toxicity in eukaryotic cells.

Save time, Save money, Save reagents.


FuGENE® SI RNA Transfection


Harnessing the same gentle reliability as our market-leading DNA Transfection Reagents, we are proud to introduce to you: FuGENE® SI: our innovative RNA Transfection reagent engineered for the delivery of siRNAs into all eukaryotic cell lines. FuGENE® SI is a 100% synthetic, non-toxic, multi-component transfection reagent designed for high-efficiency delivery of RNA molecules into eukaryotic cell lines. FuGENE® SI allows researchers to obtain maximum efficiency knockdowns while being more gentle on cells than competitor’s reagents. Request a sample today for all your RNAi delivery needs, and See the Unseen™ with FuGENE® SI.


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