DNA Transfection

DNA Transfection:


Explore our market-leading DNA transfection reagents for delivery of DNA of all sizes into eukaryotic and insect cells. Our three reagents, FuGENE® 4K, FuGENE® HD and FuGENE® 6 combine high-efficiency transfection with extremely low toxicity to your cells.  With simple, easy-to-use protocols, you save valuable laboratory time and resources.  Whether it’s for life science research, protein/antibody production, virus production, or for groundbreaking therapeutic needs, FuGENE® has you covered.

RNA Transfection


Explore our newest RNA transfection reagent for high-efficiency delivery of siRNAs into eukaryotic cells. FuGENE® SI leverages our proprietary chemistry to provide superior transfection which yields maximum gene knockdown with extremely low cell toxicity.  Whether it’s the delivery of siRNA or similar RNA molecules, FuGENE® has you covered.

Custom Products & Services:

Custom Products & Services:


FuGENE® knows how important the work of our customers is to finding discoveries that help society feel and heal better.  We also recognize how unique each researcher, project, and application can be. This is why we have created our flexible custom products and services offering.  Whether it’s a custom fill volume of an existing FuGENE® product line, a completely new reagent or component for your specific needs, or a complete cell transfection workflow, FuGENE® has you covered.

Pharmaceutical Collaborations:


FuGENE® is committed to developing and manufacturing reagents under strict regulatory & quality systems.  We understand the rigor that goes into selecting a partner for the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. This is why we are investing in exploring cGMP capabilities to fully realize the potential of the FuGENE® product lines in clinical applications.  Schedule a consultation today with our experts.