Specialized Solutions Tailored for You


From research applications to product development, you can count on our FuGENE® team to provide customizable and specialized solutions to meet your institution’s goals.  Whether it’s an entirely new reagent, a custom fill volume, or outsourcing a complete workflow, you can entrust our experts to deliver success.


Custom Volume and Vial Dispense


    • Available for any current FuGENE® product line
    • Choose custom volume, vial, and label.
    • Specific quality control based on customer needs

Custom Reagent Development


    • Utilize our FuGENE® expertise & compound libraries to have our scientists develop a specialized reagent for your specific cell line and application
    • Screening with customer cell line + Optimization + Protocol Transfer
    • Comparison of reagent vs. leading competitors

Custom Synthesis of Polymers, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids


    • Flexible Analytical Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Space
    • 60 years of combined Chemical and Biological Synthesis expertise
    • Schedule a consultation with our chemists

Stable Cell Line Development


    • Stable Transfection of customer provided cell lines
    • Flexible Quality Control Options
    • Protocol and Material Transfer

Interested in any of our custom products or services?


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